Letters to the Editor

Due to the events of the last few years, I fear Atlantic County has become a new destination for zealous greed and a county plundered by outside political bosses. Just ask the teachers; the outsiders want it all.

After taking $4 million from the special interests supporting North Jersey casinos, Vince Mazzeo never showed up once in seven opportunities to testify then. Mazzeo even called the fight against North Jersey casinos meaningless.

The late honorable Senator James Whelan had made one of his three pillars, “You have to show up.” Mazzeo and his mates don’t have to show up. Why not honor the late senator by electing leadership to Trenton that will?

Now it is election time and Mazzeo wants all of us to forget and forgive him for selling us out for his political bosses.

To them we are still meaningless. No matter how they spin it politically, nothing can erase the fact that when our friends and family needed help, Mazzeo was nowhere to be found. Let’s put an end to outsiders buying seats and letting people like Mazzeo keep them warm.

Jay Cooke


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