LONGPORT — Pet owners from all over gathered together to take part in a unique experience with their animals.

The Church of the Redeemer hosted its annual Blessing of the Animals event, in which pets and their owners receive blessings from the church.

The event raised funds for the Ocean City Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter.

Inside the church, throngs of pet owners waited in line, eager to be blessed alongside their furry friends by the Rev. Bill Lewellis.

Church of the Redeemer is an Episcopal house of worship, but people of all different beliefs came together because of their love for animals.

Most of the animals blessed were dogs, but all sorts of pets were brought in. One person brought in a hermit crab.

A young girl even brought her pink unicorn stuffed animal to be blessed.

The event had a fun atmosphere, but some people were there for more serious reasons. Many brought pets who were sick with serious diseases, such as cancer, in hopes the blessing would help them recover.

This coming Sunday at 11 a.m., the church will host a blessing of the bay, boats and bikes.

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