Ventnor City Hall

Ventnor City Hall

VENTNOR — The Board of Commissioners introduced a bond ordinance June 28 that will fund $9.3 million in capital improvements for the Ventnor Educational Community Complex over the next five years.

According to Mayor Beth Holtzman, the plan has lowered the school property-tax rate by 3.5 cents per $100 of assessed value this year and will lower it an additional 3.5 cents next year.

Business Administrator Maria Mento had noticed the school had placed capital expenses on its budget that the city could take over, which totaled about $1.3 million for the year.

“Why should the taxpayers pay for capital improvements in one year when really you do capital improvements you pay it for the life of the projects?” Holtzman asked.

The projects include improvements to the school’s heating and air conditioning, library, security systems, stage and orchestra pit, and resurfacing its hockey rink and basketball courts.

Holtzman said it was a “win-win” because the city did not cut any school staff or services.

In other business, the board adopted an ordinance that would establish a Citizen Advisory Committee made up of nine community members and one chairperson.

Commissioners and the mayor will rotate chairing the committee but will not lead the discussion at meetings. Instead, it will be an opportunity for the commission to get feedback from the public.

It also adopted an ordinance that will amend the city’s Land Use ordinance as it pertains to increasing the maximum building height for certain lot sizes and increasing rear-yard setbacks for duplexes.

The ordinance also creates regulations for new designs, such as flat roofs and dormers, roofed structures often containing a window that project vertically beyond the plane of a slanted roof.

The next commission meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.