The cast of "Makin' It" to be presented Nov. 21-23 at

Cedar Creek High School, Egg Harbor City, NJ

Cedar Creek Theatre is proud to present Makin' It, by Cynthia Mercati, under the direction of theatre and English teacher, Mr. John Stephan. The play performs Thursday, November 21st at 6:30pm; Friday, November 22nd at 6:30pm; and Saturday, November 23rd at 1pm. All performances will be held in the Dr. Adam C. Pfeffer Performing Arts Center at Cedar Creek High School. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors; they are available at the door or online at cchsth.booktix.com.

Makin' It is the story of people high school students interact with daily. Yes, there are the jocks, the nerds, the popular girls, but none of them are stereotypes. This is a play about the ordinary kids you see walking down any hallway in any school. A good kid, a bit baffled by high school, but trying his or her best to make it through. There's the girl who wants desperately to look like the models in Seventeen, and the football player who must protect his mother and sister from his father's wrath. There's the girl who lost weight, yet when she looks in the mirror, it's the old self she sees. There's the guy who always lands in detention, who has a surprising warmth for the other "misfit" students, and the principal who tries his best to navigate the ever shifting changes of young people. There's Monica, too innocent to know when a cruel practical joke is being played on her, and there's Libby, the girl who tries to keep her intellectual bent a secret, afraid no one will like "a smart girl." And there's the rich kid, who finds out his money will buy neither real friendship or loyalty. Yet, for all their travails, the kids come to understand their own inner difficulties and how, truly they are all the same, searching both to understand and accept themselves, as they strive to make it through four years of high school.

This play is brought to life with Cedar Creek actors in the roles: Jonathan Nass as Buzzard Fishbeck, Danica Moran as Jen, Rebekah Allebach as Brooke Benedict, Gabrielle Santosuosso as Sharon, Isabello Gatto as Barb, Elisa Zapata as Monica, Cody Tittermary as Hunter Dunbar, Mariana Juarez-Malagon as Pat, Violet Vogel as Mrs. Cozlowe, Kyle Heck as Travis, Michael Loper as Alex, Jacob Thompson as Karl Swanson, Matthew McCollum as Scott Barrows, Evan Theoharis as Howie, Isaiah Hymans as Ed Barrows, Lacey Wilson as Bev Barrows, Grace Long as Corly Barrows, Morgan Kahn as Libby, Nathan Del Ross as Vince Carnelli, Cieria Davis-Hassall as Ms. Healy, Lindsey Calixtro as Burnout, Katherine Bealieu as Len, Lauren Ulland as Sybil Dunbar, Daniela Contreras, Emily Faisst, Diana Flores-Funez, Samantha Hassa, Benjamin Kucera, Max Stubbe, and Carys White. The production is stage managed by Paige Goolden and Emily Bukowy.

Makin' It by Cynthia Mercati

Dr. Adam C. Pfeffer Performing Arts Center

at Cedar Creek High School

November 21st at 6:30pm

November 22nd at 6:30pm

November 23rd at 1pm

Tickets: $10 Adults, $8 Students/Seniors; available at the door or online at cchsth.booktix.com.

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