EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — Changemakers Days were held last month in the township high school and middle schools, according to Dorothy Bowker. Changemaker Days are part of the My Name My School program.

The My Name My School organization says on its website Changemaker Day "is designed with the belief that students can create powerful change on their school campuses and communities. These Student Changemakers transform school culture and go beyond empathizing and connecting to taking action, collaborating, and co-creating."

After Bowker, a student assistance counselor at Eagle Academy, heard of the My Name My Story organization, she took a trip to North Carolina and checked it out at a high school there, she said. 

"I then brought the idea back and proposed it for our school district.  I was able to get buy-in and coordinated the two days of events, and the leadership training," Bowker wrote in an email.

The township Changemaker Days were led by event facilitator Kim Alli from My Name My Story, Bowker said.

According to the My Name My School website, "The MNMS facilitator leads the students through interactive activities, incorporating empathy, and culminating with an activity that allows students, in small groups, to decide on an issue they would like to tackle. They come up with the key stakeholders that can help them tackle the issue, and ideas on how to approach the solution."

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