Go Green Galloway has been facilitating a Green Market since 2017. Our Green Market is a farmers market with a green focus. Everyone knows the advantages of purchasing from a farmers market:  the ability to purchase high quality locally grown produce at a fair price while supporting area farmers.  As a Green Market, we have established sustainable features for the market, including environmental themes, promoting reuse and going plastic bag free.

 An ever-evolving endeavor, we have tried a number of things to varying degrees of success — the weekly themes, music, Sunday mornings, Thursday evenings, split seasons, etc.

The market was held at the Galloway Township Municipal Complex parking lot in 2017 and 2018.

The first year we experienced relatively nice weather for the Sunday morning markets. But, although survey feedback was generally good, there were some conflicts for our participating farmers.  We decided, based on this feedback, to move the Market to Thursday evenings in 2018. This may have worked well, had we not experienced the hottest Thursdays on record last year; so hot in the parking lot where we were set up that no one could keep anything cold and some vendors had to stop coming, as there was no place in the parking lot to escape the relentless sun and heat!

The idea of approaching Smithville as a possible location came about last fall as we were doing Market “wrap ups.”  We knew that The Towne of Historic Smithville had a lot to offer as a well known tourist destination with unique and inviting shops, restaurants and activities.

Mary Crawford, councilwoman and co-chair of Go Green Galloway, says, “The support from Wendie and Ed Fitzgerald of Smithville Village Greene has been so crucial to the success of the Market. They didn’t hesitate when we proposed having the Market at Smithville and have been terrific partners for us.”

An equally glowing report from Lee Campbell, chair of the Green Market, “Many thanks to Wendie and Ed for providing this beautiful space that has allowed us to both expand the number and variety of vendor offerings and the number of visitors to the weekly Market.”

The Fitzgeralds seem to be pleased also; as the Green Market has encouraged new clientele for the Village Greene shops. Some shop keepers are reporting more traffic through their establishments on Thursday evenings during the Market.

Our vendors are happy with the new space. They can keep their vehicles on site with them, allowing for easy set up and tear down. There is shade on the sides of the market and later into the evening, so that they don’t have to endure full sun on their precious goods, and there are many more walk-in customers who wander over from the Smithville Shoppes.

To experience this wonderful partnership scene first-hand, please come out to our last two Markets of the season on  Aug. 22 and Aug. 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Go Green Galloway is a volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of Galloway through the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation, environmental education and the implementation of sustainable practices. We always welcome new volunteer members. Contact us at gogreengalloway12@gmail.com or call Mary at 609-742-7076. Also be sure to like our Facebook page.

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