GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Patriot Lake Park is filled with many gardens and memorials, but in recent years a large number of them have fallen out of maintenance and are in need of volunteers to clean them up.

The gardens are kept in order by individuals and groups who volunteer their time and effort to keep them looking good and free of weeds.

“Some of the lots have been maintained,” said Steve Fiedler, secretary of Go Green Galloway. “Some have been let go to the point where invasive species have come in and taken over.”

It is not only the gardens that need help at Patriot Lake Park. Many of the plaques that are dedicated around the lake have been damaged or destroyed by vandalism.

“We’re looking for groups or individuals to volunteer at either one plot or all around the lake. There’s plenty of work to be had,” said Fiedler. “Someone could work on the structures around the lake, someone could work on the plaques. In other words, there’s room for specialists.”

Anyone interested in volunteering at Patriot Lake Park can email or call Melanie Lynch, the chief sustainability officer of Galloway Township, at 609-652-3700, ext. 209.