120519_gal_history Lutzies Bar Feldeisen corner Great Creek Rd. & Jim Leeds Rd.

Lutzies Bar Feldeisen, corner of Great Creek Road and Jim Leeds Road.

Gone but not forgotten, Louie's Inn was virtually a Galloway landmark for almost a hundred years. Everyone in Galloway knew where to find the taproom and pool hall, even if they never went inside. The building was constructed about 1920 as a residence. In 1936 Lucien and Anna Feldeisen purchased the property and started Louie's Inn. Anna immigrated from Hanover Germany in 1912 and Louie in 1913 from Alsace (a part of Germany that bordered France). They married in 1915. Louie worked as a farmer and then a chef before becoming a proprietor. Their eldest child, Lucien or "Lutz," also ran the inn.

We're here every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and we love to reminisce and hear your memories of the "gone but not forgotten."

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