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Learn how to recycle electronic waste

Go Green Galloway

So, your television just “bit the dust.” You go and buy a new one — but hey, what do you do with the old one ?

The first thing to know is that it does not go out to the curb for any reason, or outside at all if possible. There are no regularly scheduled pick up services for these items available through your municipalities at this time. Having these out at the curb is illegal by New Jersey

state law as well as dangerous. It would be vulnerable for smashing or breaking by any number of methods. Scrappers may attempt to scavenge metals by breaking out the glass and leaving the hulk. The glass is an obvious cutting hazard and some of the coatings and components are considered hazardous waste.

Televisions are only one example of electronic waste, or e-waste. Fortunately, there are programs in place by which these items can be safely recycled. In Galloway, on the first Saturday of every month from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m., residents can bring their e-waste items to the Recycling Convenience Center, 570 Galloway Road. As far as all that can be recycled then, a good rule of thumb is  “We recycle anything with an electrical cord or that runs on a battery”. Exceptions to this would be items that have a compressor with Freon or similar heat transfer substance. For example, these items are refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers, etc.

You can find this information on the Galloway Township website under the Office of Sustainability tab and then the tab for “How to Recycle.” For your convenience, here are the items currently listed for electronics recycling, in alphabetical order: AC adapters; all-in-one computers; audio and video equipment; ballasts without PCBs; car batteries; cash registers; cell phones and telephones; computer memory; computer monitors, CRT or LCD; computer peripherals and parts; e-readers; game consoles; handheld and table-top scanners; hard drives; hoverboards; keyboards, mice and PC speakers; laptop and cellphone batteries; lead-acid batteries; microwave ovens; motherboards; motors; MP3 players/I Pods; PC fans and power supplies; PC scrap and stereos; desktop, laptop, tablet and tower computers; police scanners and pagers; portable radios, printers, copiers, scanners, modems and fax machines; rechargeable batteries; electronic scales; televisions intact; toner cartridges; uninterrupted power supplies (UPS); vacuums; and wire of all types.

Regarding older but operating refrigerators or freezers, they can be cashed in for $50.00 and picked up for free through the NJ Clean Energy Program. ReStore at the Shore may accept working refrigerators, freezers and some working electronic itemsm but call ahead for more information. Nonworking refrigerators should be taken away by appliance companies when new ones are delivered. These items cannot be legally recycled without having the Freon or similar material removed.

For more information on these and other recycling programs, call Melanie Lynch, chief sustainability officer, at 609-652-3700, ext. 209. For issues of bulk waste pickup for seniors or special needs instances, call the Public Works Department of Galloway at 609-652-3700 ext. 244.

In Port Republic, residents can use the Goodwill electronic waste container provided at the transfer station site on regularly scheduled days.

In Egg Harbor City, there is a drop-off container that is accessible at the city public works yard on regularly scheduled days. Call 609-965-0081 for more information.

All communities can access the 4H Fair Electronics Recycling fundraising program on the third Saturday of every month from 9 to noon. Call Barb at 609-703-1549.

There are so many opportunities to keep working equipment in use when possible, but then recycled into thousands of new products when the time is right. Keeping resources out of the waste stream is so very doable.

Go Green Galloway is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the community through the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation, environmental education and the implementation of sustainable practices. We always welcome new volunteer members. Contact us at or call Mary at 609-742-7076. Also be sure to like our Facebook page.

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