Bob Fecso, vice president of acquisition and land development for D.R. Horton, left, and Egg Harbor City planner Tim Michel discuss the project with Egg Harbor City North homeowners.

EGG HARBOR CITY — When Brad Haber, the developer of the Egg Harbor City North neighborhood, died after an automobile accident in 2014, his dreams of building out that housing development were put on hold.

Since then, city officials have attempted to find someone to assume the project. Last October, Jim Cox, owner of JC Custom Builder, assumed ownership of the property and said he was prepared to complete the 22 homes in phases 1A and 1B of the development.

In the year since, none of those homes has been built. Recently, Cox entered into an agreement with D.R. Horton, the country’s largest homebuilder, to build the homes.

On Sept. 20, Bob Fecso, vice president of acquisition and land development for the firm, met with about a dozen of the current homeowners to discuss the company’s plans.

“Our company built 48,000 homes last year and currently do business in 35 states,” Fecso said. “We expect to be the number one homebuilder in New Jersey by 2020.”

He told the residents the new homes will range in size from 1,400 to 2,500 square feet, with an average size of about 1,800 square feet. There will be both three- and four-bedroom homes with an option for a partial basement.

“We will have four models available, with three different elevations,” Fecso said. “The sales prices will range from $199,000 to $267,000. We know what the market can bear.”

“They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t feel there was a market for the homes,” City Council President Ed Dennis said.

Fecso added they intend to commence building as soon as permits are obtained and expect to have four homes completed by the end of October.

Roy Atlas, a homeowner in the development, praised D.R. Horton during the meeting.

“We had a home in Bradenton, Florida, and witnessed a development built by D.R. Horton,” he said. “I saw the quality of their work firsthand. We couldn’t have a better developer.”