From Jamie Sarraiocco, art teacher at Smithville Elementary School:

We started this project about a month ago with students and staff collecting empty water bottles (led by our student council) as part of a schoolwide art project in the style of glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Students and staff then painted their water bottles any design they wanted using analogous colors. We then cut the dry painted water bottles to look like flowers. This week (week of May 6) we have been attaching the water bottle flower sculptures to our Smithville Garden fence. Not only is this an art project, but the garden is part of our school culture, a continuation of our Earth Day celebration, and a kick-off event for our Smithville Green Team project.

(On Friday, May 10), our staff will be dressed in green and attaching our water bottles to the garden starting at 8:20 am. The last groups of students to attach water bottles to the garden will be working throughout the day. All students in kindergarten through 6th grade are participating.