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Hamilton Township police blotter - Nov. 1-30

Hamilton Township Police

Police blotter information is supplied by local police departments and other law-enforcement agencies. All people named are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Ziegler, Brandon L., of Vineland, 34, was arrested Nov. 1 and charged with driving while suspended for driving under the influence >=two offenses, DUI and refusal to give breath samples.

Travagline, Ondray U., of Pleasantville, 40 was arrested Nov. 2 and charged with shoplifting-conceal (<$50). 

Jorge, Jose L., of Mays Landing, 25, was arrested Nov. 2 and charged with possession of controlled dangerous substance heroin, possess marijuana/hash under 50g, distribute marijuana over 1 oz/under 5 lbs, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Diaz, Brandon L., of Galloway Township, 35, was arrested Nov. 2 and charged with possession of CDS — heroin, DUI.

Brooks, Darren R., of Pleasantville, 49, was arrested Nov. 2 and charged with hindering apprehension, disorderly conduct.

Whelan, Alyssa D., of Landisville, 22, was arrested Nov. 2 and charged with shoplifting — under ring (<$50).

Rivers, Amanda M., of Jersey City, 25, , was arrested Nov. 4 and charged with shoplifting — conceal (<$50), hindering apprehension. 

Hamilton, Michelle L., of Mays Landing, 46, was arrested Nov. 6 and charged with shoplifting (<$50).

Parker, Darnell, of Absecon 49, was arrested Nov. 7 and charged with shoplifting — conceal (<$50).

Facon, Dwayne M., of Mays Landing, 45, was arrested Nov. 7 and charged with identity theft — impersonation, credit card theft, fraud use credit card.

Champion, Adam E., of Egg Harbor Township, 42, was arrested Nov. 7 and charged with DUI.

Sciore, Michael F., of Egg Harbor City, 53, was arrested Nov. 7 and charged with shoplifting — under ring (<$50).

Weekes, Melanie V., of Atlantic City, 34, was arrested Nov. 8 and charged with shoplifting (<$50).

Dennis, Jamall O., of Atlantic City, 38, was arrested Nov. 8 and charged with shoplifting (<$50).

Tallman, Allison M., of Egg Harbor Township, 28, was arrested Nov. 8 and charged with possession of marijuana/hash under 50g, possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI.

Barnes, Kafele A. II, of Mays Landing, 19, was arrested Nov. 10 and charged with possess marijuana/hash under 50g, DUI.

Phelps, Gregory Allen, of Mays Landing, 25, was arrested Nov. 11 and charged with simple assault — purposely cause.

Gross, Jamir C., of Egg Harbor Township, 23, was arrested Nov. 11 and charged with hindering apprehension.

Vieth, Daniel A., of Mays Landing, 30, was arrested Nov. 12 and charged with DUI.

Bynum, William C. Jr., of Sicklerville, 34, was arrested Nov. 12 and charged with DUI. 

Mejia-Beltran, Mario A., of Galloway Township, 33, was arrested Nov. 12 and charged with shoplifting — conceal (<$50).

Snowden, Tiara M., of Galloway Township, 20, was arrested Nov. 13 and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Janiszewski, Jordan L., of Somers Point, 27, was arrested Nov. 14 and charged with shoplifting — conceal (<$50).

Gittens, Juanita, of Mays Landing, 59, was arrested Nov. 14 and charged with simple assault — purposely cause.

Johnson, Paul E., of Mays Landing, 57, was arrested Nov. 15 and charged with shoplifting (<$50).

Scott-Nicholson, Zynee T., of Pleasantville, 21, was arrested Nov. 15 and charged with shoplifting — conceal (<$50).

Vaughan-Mosley, of Absecon, 21, was arrested Nov. 15 and charged with shoplifting (<$50).

Marquez, Miosotis, of Mays Landing, 27, was arrested Nov. 16 and charged with aggravated assault — purposely w/weapon.

Benjamin, Damon L., of Mays Landing, 25, was arrested Nov. 17 and charged with shoplifting (<$50). 

Clark, Anthony, of Mays Landing, 28, was arrested Nov. 18 and charged with simple assault — purposely cause.

Marable, Justin C., of Mays Landing, 30, was arrested Nov. 20 and charged with simple assault — purposely cause, criminal mischief. 

Nunez, Israel, of Mays Landing, 42, was arrested Nov. 20 and charged with shoplifting (<$50).

Vaulx, Antonio, of Millville, 44, was arrested Nov. 21 and charged with DUI.

Diaz, Brandon L., of Galloway Township, 35, was arrested Nov. 21 and charged with fugitive from justice.

Waters, Kevin D., of Mays Landing, 31, was arrested Nov. 22 and charged with possession of CDS — heroin.

Moore, David J., of Mays Landing, 24, was arrested Nov. 22 and charged with DUI. 

Desmarets, Destiny L., of Egg Harbor Township, 19, was arrested Nov. 23 and charged with shoplifting (<$50). 

Goodwin, Lamont T., of Bridgeton, 21, was arrested Nov. 24 and charged with shoplifting — conceal (<$50). 

Filipczak, Rebecca F., of Northfield, 43, was arrested Nov. 21 and charged with care giver abuse or neglect. 

Byrd, Marvin L., of Bridgeton, 34, was arrested Nov. 27 and charged with receiving stolen property. 

Byrd, Kashah L., of Bridgeton, 24, was arrested Nov. 27 and charged with receiving stolen property.

Holloway, Quasheema L., of Bridgeton, 29, was arrested Nov. 27 and charged with hinder apprehension.

McMillan, Steven L., of Philadelphia, 38, was arrested Nov. 28 and charged with tamper with physical evidence.

Ray, Qituwra S., of Pleasantville, 26, was arrested Nov. 28 and charged with shoplifting — under ring (<$50).

Jacobs, Harry A., of Mays Landing, 58, was arrested Nov. 29 and charged with aggravated assault-attempt/cause SBI, aggravated assault — purposely w/weapon, possession of weapon for unlawful purpose, possession of weapon.

Jones, Mark Joseph, of Mays Landing, 24, was arrested Nov. 29 and charged with disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana/hash under 50g.

Luciano, Marie S., of Galloway Township, 32, was arrested Nov. 30 and charged with shoplifting — under ring (<$50).

Cranmer, Eric W., of Egg Harbor Township, 25, was arrested Nov. 30 and charged with possession pld or stramonium prep in amount of 5 or more.

Such, Nicole C., of Mays Landing, 27, was arrested Nov. 30 and charged with possession of marijuana/hash under 50g, possession of drug paraphernalia.

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