HAMILTON TOWNSHIP – Current committeewoman Judy Link, a Democrat, is seeking reelection with her running mate William Beyers on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The Republican opponents are former township committee member Charles Cain and newcomer Carl Pitale.

Republicans currently hold a three to two edge on the governing body. Roger Silva, who has served as a committeeman and mayor over a 12-year career, opted not to run for re-election this year.

Each candidate was asked to provide a profile and answers to the following questions:

1. What do you see as the biggest issue(s) facing the township over the next three years?

2. How do you propose to balance the ever-present demand for services, and steadily increasing costs with the need to stay within the 2% cap and keep tax increases under control?

3. What are your thoughts on the recently passed legislation to provide tax incentives for residents and commercial entities to build or enhance their present properties?

4. What do you see as priorities in public safety, i.e police, fire and rescue?

William Beyers

William P. Beyers was born in Camden and raised in Camden County. He has been married to Janice Barbarito-Beyers for 46 years and has lived in Mays Landing for 44 years. They are the proud parents of two successful sons and daughters-in-law, in addition to three wonderful grandchildren. He and his family are members of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Mays Landing.

Beyers has had over 54 years of experience in all levels of formal education. His experiences range from being the youngest full time junior high school teacher in New Jersey at the age of 18 to teaching on the collegiate level for 26 years. In addition, he has owned and operated his own childcare business for the past 42 years.

Currently, Beyers is vice president of the Barbarito and Beyers Preschools, Inc. and is involved in the management of personnel and academic affairs in correlation with child-care projects and consultations. Barbarito and Beyers Preschools has operated centers throughout Atlantic and Cape May counties in colleges, public schools, malls and private facilities over the last 42 years.

His public services have ranged from hosting telethons, producing and delivering daily T.V. news segments on child care, to hosting a weekly radio series entitled “The Barbarito and Beyers Show” on ABC affiliate stations. He also authored “Baby Talk” columns and other freelance educational articles, in addition to legal consultations and reports. Beyers was on the advisory board and wrote his own column for “Baby’s World” magazine which was a national publication. He was president of the Mays Landing Rotary Club, served as a board member on the Industrial Commission for Hamilton Township and served on Township Committee for the Township of Hamilton. Currently he is a staff officer of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 8-4. His academic credentials include an under-graduate degree in education, a graduate degree in counseling psychology and a doctorate in early and middle childhood education.

"In my realty, the biggest issues facing the township over the next three years are the re-developments of key real estate properties such as the present unoccupied Wheaton’s building and the former race track." 

"Balancing service demands and increasing costs can be controlled by assessing and evaluating previous guidelines implemented within the past five years. Exploring successful townships, even in other states, to evaluate their creativity and factual realty comparisons of groups and other support systems."

"If incentives are evaluated to their goals, these standards can provide invaluable achievements to assist redevelopment and new developments in addition to beautification objectives." 

"Priorities in public safety must include continual assessment and improvement repetition to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all of our community and visiting members. My personal thoughts are to integrate resources in departments, in addition to the sharing of transferrable knowledge to ensure safety to all. Provide a public campaign to educate an awareness of our citizens responsibilities to the community and agencies at large."

Charles Cain

Charles Cain is a lifelong resident of Mays Landing whose family has been a part of the fabric of Mays Landing for eight generations. He is married to his high school sweetheart of 29 years, Ann Marie and they have raised two young adults, Tiffani Ann and Charlie Cain III.

Cain is a parishioner of Saint Vincent DePaul Church, Unity Lodge #95, Egg Harbor Township and Kiwanis Club past vice president. He was awarded "Special Finance Dealer" of the year and the number one "lndependent Dealer of the State of NJ."

Cain has served on Hamilton Township Committee as deputy mayor for three years, being instrumental in help guiding Hamilton Township through one of its most difficult financial times. He has currently served on the Hamilton Township Planning Board for the past decade. Cain has stood up for township residents on the zoning and planning boards when various developments threatened the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Cain has also helped on the planning board to expedite business approvals such as the recent Outback Steak House getting through a complex process in a single evening to bring a quality business and ratable to town.

"The reassessment of the Hamilton Mall for the second time has created a hole in the budget that must be addressed. By increasing commercial ratables elsewhere and continuing to increase shared services with other municipalities is the only way to prevent this from impacting residents. The opioid crisis is impacting our community like so many others. Enhancing our recreation programs to get our kids involved at the earliest ages and keep them involved longer with increased offerings and opportunities.  We cannot afford to lose one child to this epidemic."

"Stay the course! Being on committee when the township faced its toughest financial challenges, we put in varying levels of protection that have kept the budget at a stable level for the last ten years, while reducing the township deficit by over $11,000,000 in the same period. Additionally, taking advantage of increased shared services opportunities and investing in new technologies to become more efficient and reduce costs."

"I am fortunate to have been involved with this process from its inception at the strategic planning level in 2009 through the planning and development stages with the planning board and its subsequent recommendation to township committee in 2018. This will attract investment in our township, Electing the right individuals to township committee who appoint the planning and zoning boards members is critical at this time to ensure we maximize the benefit of this legislation to residents, Commercial developers and the township."

"In my opinion we have the best first responders in the county.  We need to continue to provide them with the latest technology and equipment to protect our residents as well as tackle the opioid crisis that faces our community.  Thank you to all the volunteers who give freely of their time, from our firefighters to all of our various board members and recreation coaches for protecting, planning and executing our master plan and keeping our youth involved. You’re what makes Hamilton a great place to live and it would be an honor to represent you again."

Judy Link

Judy Young Link was born in Atlantic City, attended Atlantic City public schools and graduated from Atlantic City High School. She has a Bachelor of Science, Biology, from Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pennsylvania, and a Master of Science, Biology, from West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania. She taught college biology for 12 years at Wissahickon High School, Ambler, Pennsylvania.

She was the owner/operator of Young’s Regency Skating Center in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, from 1980 to 1993 and the Villanova Skating Arena in Villanova, Pennsylvania, from 1990 to 1995. She has been the owner/operator of Young’s Skating Center in Mays Landing from 1995 to present.

Link lived in Mays Landing from 1962, where her mother and father, Ed and Winnie Young, owned Lake Lenape Park. She lived in Blue Bell, Pennslvania from 1972 until moving back to Mays Landing in 1995.

She is married to Jim Link and they have three children, Elizabeth, who with her husband and two children live on Lake Lenape in Mays Landing; Melissa, her husband and three children live in Rockledge, Pennsylvania; and Jamie, his wife, and two children live in Bedminster Twp., PA

She is a Township of Hamilton Committee member, belongs to the Mays Landing Merchant’s Association, is a former member Hamilton Township Environmental Committee and the New Jersey Pineland’s Commission, a member of the Mays Landing/Egg Harbor Rotary Club, past president of the Mays Landing Rotary Club and a member of the Roller Skating Association and the Philadelphia Orchestra Association.

"Atlantic County leads the nation in foreclosures. Decreasing property values leads to erosion of our tax base and fosters more economic-based crime. I support the ordinance that established Hamilton Township as a Redevelopment and Rehabilitation, which will attract more commercial development, including the revitalization of Downtown Mays Landing.  However, that particular piece of legislation was prepared and adopted hastily, which led to unintended negative consequences.  I will work to amend the ordinance so that it can be implemented more fairly. As a member of the Merchants Association, I will work with the business community to help facilitate this effort."

"Deteriorating infrastructure, particularly roads and curbs, must be addressed in a cost effective and less partisan manner."

"I worked together with the Republicans in a bi-partisan manner. Drawing from my years of business experience, we will continue to develop creative, bi-partisan ways to fund the Township’s operations efficiently and responsibly, keeping our residents safe, supporting recreation, and providing essential services, while paying down our debt."

"Having owned and operated my business in Hamilton Township and been a member of local service organizations for almost 30 years, I know people who would like to improve their buildings or come into the township, only to be discouraged by what seems to them as outrageously oppressive regulations and expensive red tape.  I worked together with the members of committee to enact these tax incentives as I believe that to be a step in the right direction. We must provide more assistance to those who want to invest in Hamilton Township."

"Each must be balanced in the public safety discussion. We have an outstanding volunteer fire service. The cost of a paid fire service is astronomical. We have a very well trained, properly equipped and highly qualified police force. I will continue my support of these municipal assets."

Carl Pitale

Carl C. Pitale was born at Atlantic City Medical Center to Frank and Mary (Luderitz) Pitale, raised in the family home on Lake Lenape and has lived in Mays Landing all of his life. 

He is a product of the Mays Landing School system. He attended Shaner Elementary, J. Harold Duberson School and Oakcrest Senior High School where he graduated in 1987. Pitale played nearly every sport offered in Mays Landing as he grew up. He particularly enjoyed playing soccer and hockey.

In 1999, Pitale took the knowledge that he gained from the laboratory, shifted careers, and went to work as a quality control manager for R.E. Pierson Materials Corporation. He demonstrated skills within the industry such that he was eventually recruited to work as a production manager. He has a strong commitment and work ethic to the work that he really enjoys in the construction and heavy highway industry. Pitale jokes, “I’ve been in the industry for 32 years, I think I’m stuck!”

Pitale has served on the zoning board, as a member of the Mays Landing Fire Company and presently sits on the Lake Lenape Dam Committee. His dedication to family and friends is evident in his volunteer work for his community.

"The biggest issue facing the township in the next three years will be the tax appeals and lower tax revenue from Sears and JC Penney’s leaving the mall. Another issue will be the replacement of the Cotton Mill Bridge and the traffic issues that will cause."

"Review the current "Shared Services" and "Co-Ops" programs and look for additional opportunities. Use my experience and expertise in heavy highway and road building to stretch the dollar and even save money with our road paving plan." 

"I think the tax incentive program is great. The incentives will provide that nudge someone needs to pull the trigger on an addition or renovation to their home; expansion of an existing business as well as bring new business to our township. It will help beautify the town and as such we will see an increase in our ratables at a later date." 

"I would personally like to see more community policing, and I believe, with our new chief this is already happening. Another issue of major concern is the opioid epidemic and the issues that come with it.  While the Cotton Mill Bridge is being replaced, currently there are plans in the works, but they must be fluid and reviewed continuously as it is critical that we support how our police, rescue and especially fire navigate through the center of Mays Landing to keep everyone safe." 

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