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It is strange the things you notice when scenarios are playing out around you that are affecting or have the potential to affect every human on the planet. While I am a rules follower, I have always tried to refrain from playing into the hype of anything, except if that hype was so positive that my sign on was a help to making the region or the people that are part of our world better. Or if the positive result of the hype was for the greater good.

The current things we are experiencing, including people panicking and creating additional stresses on an economy and community that is already stressed, do not fall into that category of positive hype. However some of the messages that are coming out are keys to getting through this unsettled time for business and our collective communities.

For as long as I can remember, people have been telling me to wash my hands. Growing up I was an “outdoor” kid. I spent the majority of my growing up outside and playing in the dirt, grime and mud, along with bay mud and other stuff that required lots of daily hand washing. As a kindergartner at school the teachers would not let us leave the bathrooms without washing our hands.

I am not sure when I started noticing the “Employees Must Wash Their Hands” signs in business bathrooms, but again I always washed my hands — especially in public restrooms. If I am being honest, my business and life travels have taken me to some pretty questionable restrooms.

According, “a hand washing poster reminds employees to wash their hands frequently, especially before and after handling food or using the restroom.” They go on to say “In addition to a bright and prominent poster that reminds people to wash their hands, specific wash your hands posters also display the correct method to wash hands so as to stop the spread of dangerous viruses that cause dangerous diseases as well as common coughs and colds”.

This is exactly what the medical officials and top people working on the current outbreak of the  COVID-19 virus are convinced along with some social distancing could slow down the spread between individuals. points out, “A hand washing poster offers several advantages other than educating employees about the benefits of washing hands before and after handling food.” They also say, “Employees will fall sick less often, which will result in lesser sick days, which in turn will result in improved productivity at the workplace.”

The law requires certain businesses to post the sign. I am suggesting ALL businesses and public restrooms post a sign. This alone will not completely stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus or undo the damage it has already wreaked on our worldwide population or the economy. The incorporating of a simple colorful eye-catching sign placed in public places is a reminder that we are all in this together, and we all have the opportunity to do something as simple as washing our hands to help bring the outbreak to an end.

Please stay safe, do what you can to meet the needs of your customer and your community and please consider posting a “please wash your hands” sign in your commercial and public restrooms.

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