With “Back to School” on everyone’s minds, I could not wait any longer for school to be in session and write this themed Business Currents. This week we will reflect on a few business lessons we have learned from the teachers and experiences at school.

If you show this column to your school-age children you may receive a groan or other less-than-excited response. For young people school or work, for adults work is work. How many of us would welcome the chance to return to the classroom knowing what we know now. I know I would take a number of subjects more seriously and be even more appreciative of the teachers willing to teach me than I was back then. I still am in awe of the skills and information that the educators I had in school taught me. However, I feel I could have been more thankful and told them so while they were teaching me.

In addition to learning things such as reading, writing and arithmetic, there are a number of lessons we learned by going to school every day. The discipline and social interactions along with some education guidance and good habits are something we can all use in business. The bell has rung and it's time to learn about a few useful classroom-inspired business tips. Here are "Back-to-school inspired business basics."

Be on time: The teachers never tolerated tardiness. It actually speaks to one of the most important part of business. You have to plan your time and effort to be on time for appointments, meetings and more in business. Customers, clients, employees, suppliers and delivery people and more depend on you, so be on time.

• Ask-questions: There were so many reasons that students didn't ask questions. Some were afraid of looking foolish or were too shy. In business, if you don't ask questions, how will you ever learn about the needs of your customers? Always ask questions, this also applies to asking yourself important questions about your business. If you don’t know the answers, go out and find them!

• Do your homework: Doing your homework in school was not only necessary to maintain good grades but also prepared you for the work you did during the school day. The same holds true for business. You must research and be prepared for the work you are doing and know as much about the people you are working for and with. Do your homework.

• Engage in extra curricular activities: School and the social part of school was made better when you engaged in school activities outside the classroom. Everything from team building sports, clubs and drama has the ability to strengthen social skills and your ability to present yourself in a positive way. These skills are keys to success in business and life.

• Keep learning: If there is one thing the classroom taught us it is that knowledge is power. Keep learning at all times and throughout every opportunity you are given. If you become a life-long learner you have a very good chance of being a life-long earner.

So there you have it, class is over, and I hope you enjoyed and learned some business basics inspired by “Back to School” for this week’s Business Currents.

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