Korngut joins City Council

Northfield Ward 1 candidates Susan Korngut and Peter Brophy at the close of the evening Tuesday. Korngut, a Democrat, won a race in which both candidates were newcomers.

Northfield City Council

In the Ward 1 race, Democrat Susan M. Korngut won over Republican challenger Peter Brophy 673-473. In the Ward 2 race, voters returned incumbent Republican Jim O’Neill for another three-year term over Democratic challenger Jerry McGee 666-589.

The three-way race to determine which candidate would earn a four-year term as councilman-at-large saw voters return veteran incumbent and former Mayor Frank Perri. Perri netted 1,364 votes to Republican challenger Greg Dewees' 958 and Libertarian candidate John Ordille’s 122.

Korngut sat quietly once the polls closed, watching everything begin to fall into place. Only moments before, the first-time Democratic candidate said whatever the outcome, she knew she had done the best she could along the campaign trail.

"I knocked on every door, and every person I met I asked them to consider me on Election Day," said Korngut.

When it became apparent she had come out on top of the race over fellow first-time candidate Brophy, Korngut said, "I am taking all of this in. My dad grew up watching his mother reuse tea bags and paper towels, and I look around tonight and say, life is good. I have to thank the voters in Northfield, who saw something in me and have given me a chance."

Brophy was among the first to offer his congratulations to Korngut on her victory. 

Northfield Board of Education

Three seats were on the ballot, and incumbents Jon Barnhart, Stephanie Woodhouse Hughes and Christopher Kennedy ran unopposed. Barnhart was the top vote-getter with 1,212, and Kennedy and Woodhouse Hughes were close with 1,168 and 1,166 tallies, respectively.

Mainland Regional Board of Education

The Northfield representatives on the Mainland Board of Education all ran unopposed. Rose Marie Cupo and Kevin Milhous were re-elected to new three-year terms with 1,064 and 1,001 votes, respectively. Dennis Sher returns for a partial two-year term with 1,007 votes.

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