LINWOOD — Some people talk about their mission. Others live it. In the Linwood Public Schools, our entire school community lives our mission — that in a unique partnership with parents and community, we celebrate the journey of life-long learning and empowering children, through the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, to emerge as educated, responsible, compassionate citizens of the world. It is a mission that is focused on our most important asset — children.

The Linwood Public School District is home to approximately 830 students housed in Seaview Elementary School and Belhaven Middle School. Seaview Elementary School, a National Blue Ribbon School, serves grades preschool through four, while Belhaven Middle School, a three-time New Jersey School to Watch, serves students in grades five through eight. We strive to assist students in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become perceptive, culturally aware, community-focused citizens of a globally-connected society. We support students through comprehensive instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world language, and social and emotional learning activities.

In addition to our core content classes, exposure to related arts — art, music, health/PE — and technology and engineering through our STEAM programs encourages students to think critically, problem solve, collaborate and enhance creativity. With staff at both the district and school levels who are dedicated and committed to student success and professional excellence, our focus is to expand the depth of learning for students in all classrooms.

As anyone who attends or visits the Linwood public schools quickly understands, our district is engaged in providing challenging academic programming, supporting well-rounded student development through co-curricular activities, and nurturing the foundation for student success in school and beyond. We are proud to say our district ranks among the highest performing in New Jersey. The fine reputation that the Linwood School District enjoys is a result of the efforts of an entire school community working together to promote education, opportunity and good citizenship for every student.

In a true partnership with parents and community, our students gain invaluable learning experiences. Whether it is through staff partnerships with local businesses and organizations, school connections to local agencies, our Linwood Education Foundation partnerships, our PTO support or our local families creating educational connections for children, our teachers and staff connect with students and the larger community.

The Linwood Schools have a vast array of opportunities for our students that extend learning through partnerships — Career Fairs, STEAM Days, school adopted organizations such as Gilda’s Club, parent-supported courtyard cleanups, book fairs and more.

Our staff have used these partnerships to assist in implementing robotics programs, community outreach projects making blankets for veterans, drama productions in our auditorium with a sound system funded through the LEF, field trips and assemblies through our PTO, art class museum visits and more. Our strong community connections are a part of who we are at the Linwood schools.

The Linwood schools’ mission continues as we celebrate the journey of life-long learning, empowering children, through the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, to emerge as educated, responsible, compassionate citizens of the world. The Linwood Schools are recognized by the N.J. Department of Education as a High-Performing New Jersey school district.

Our programs are designed to challenge students and prepare children with the skills that make them college and career ready, and productive citizens. The district staff, administration, and Board of Education take great pride in the curriculum we offer our students.

Our teachers work diligently to update instructional plans on a continual basis, ensuring we strive to remain at the forefront of educational trends and best practices. Through our curriculum, clubs, activities and athletic programs, we truly strive to make students aware of their own skills and strengths and those of the children around them while encouraging every child to support each other throughout their experiences in our schools.

With those details of our mission in mind, what are some of the highlights of our schools? Stay tuned. We look forward to sharing specific information about our schools and students through Current Ed. Follow us @LinwoodSchools. #GoLinwood

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