Clay Pierce

Clay Pierce is a Co-Owner of Clay’s Climate Control in Linwood.

Question: What can I do to lessen the humidity in my home?

Answer: There are several things to be done to combat humidity issues. Humidity in the home is often caused by moisture in the crawlspace or basement.

A variety of things can cause humidity issues in the home: 

• Open foundation vents

• Bad vapor barrier installation or no vapor barrier

• Leaking pipes

• HVAC or high efficiency water heater condensate drains that are draining into crawlspace

• Gutter downspouts not routed away from foundation properly

• Clogged gutters overflowing onto areas not graded properly

When there is high moisture and humidity under a home, it can cause ductwork to sweat and water droplets to form on all floor insulation, floor joists, plumbing pipes — pretty much every surface under a home.

This water will evaporate and through what’s called stack effect, the moisture makes its way into the home and causes high humidity levels. This can make a cool home feel very clammy and uncomfortable. It can also do harm to the occupants and contents inside of the home. It can also do structural damage under a home in extreme cases.

— Clay Pierce of Clay’s Climate Control

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