LINWOOD — The corner of Central Avenue and Shore Road is a sea of bright orange pumpkins, hundreds of them. It is the annual pumpkin sale that benefits the CUMC Youth and Mission teams. The pumpkins make a long trip to get to this very visible corner in Linwood. They come from a Native American reservation in the southwest, all 8,000 lbs. of them.

CUMC member Sal DeRose has organized the pumpkin sale for the past 16 years. A conga line of helpers passed the pumpkins down the line and unloaded the truck and then lined the pumpkins up by size on recycled wooden pallets along with some smaller ones in boxes. The volunteers rolled up their sleeves Saturday, Sept. 21 in preparation for families getting the feel for fall and decorating their porches, patios and of course holiday baking, even if the summer weather ha decided to stick around a little longer.

Prices for the tiny pumpkins and gourds begin at 50 cents and up. The larger pumpkins are sold by the pound. The pumpkin sale is daily until all the pumpkins are sold.

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