As we move throughout the school year, our staff and students are working hard in both buildings. With all of the exciting and engaging activities that are happening at Seaview and Belhaven, our principals will be celebrating the great efforts that are taking place. This week, enjoy the read of what our Seaview Dolphins are accomplishing in the Seaview Spotlight from Mrs. Lori Care!

Everyday our students find a reason to make us smile at Seaview. We started this year with a new positive behavior system. Our students are constantly showcasing appropriate and impressive behaviors so our staff thought, “Why not celebrate them?” Each day staff looks for specific student behaviors that show respect, responsibility, and safety. When staff see students showing these behaviors, they award them with a Dolphin Dollar. Our students use their Dolphin Dollars to win individual, classroom, and school wide prizes. There is even a chance to win the coveted Dolphin Dollar Trophy for classes to display for the week. To follow the journey of our Dolphin Dollar trophy and see who wins next week, check out Linwood Public Schools on Facebook!

Speaking of Dolphin Dollars, our students earned a ton during our Week of Respect. We celebrated Week of Respect during the week of Oc. 7-11. To kick off our week we observed National Walk to School Day. Families met their administrators and teachers on the bike path and everyone walked to school together. Throughout the week, students and staff dressed in theme to support respect such as “Respect is No Sweat! — wear your sweatpants or “Respect is picture perfect!”-- dress to impress. Everyone looked great decked out in their formal wear. Especially two of our first grade teachers who were showstoppers donning their wedding dresses!

Oct. 21-25 was a great week for students at Seaview as they turned their attention toward School Safety. Each day they were presented with trivia questions during morning announcements. They had the opportunity to answer the questions and submit them for a prize during lunch! Events were planned for each grade level during lunch to discuss the importance of school safety. Our 4th grade safety officers performed skits for students to promote positive safety messages. Mrs. Frolove, our guidance counselor, led a mindfulness session for students to be aware of safe mental messages and body awareness. On Wednesday, we had a visit from Victoria Leach, our local nutritionist at Shoprite. She presented students with safe choices in the cafeteria and played a game called “Guess Who I Am?” Students were able to get an up close look at fruits and vegetables they may have never even seen before! Friday was Spirit Day where students and staff wore clothing with positive messages to promote positivity and safety!

It was a busy month for our students and staff! Our staff members work hard for our students day in and day out. To promote social and emotional wellness for our staff, Seaview took a day and converted the principal’s office into a “zen den”. Teachers were encouraged to take some time out of their day to visit the zen den in order to take a minute to themselves, grab a fresh glass of citrus water, listen to some calming music, have a treat with a positive affirmation attached, or participate in a guided meditation session. This day was to encourage wellness for our staff and encourage them to bring this idea into their classrooms to promote mindfulness for our students.

October ended on a high note as we celebrated Halloween with our traditional grade level parades. We lucked out with the weather and were able to bring the students outside to show off their costumes. Spotted in the parade were mummies, expo markers, elmer's glue, dinosaurs, trolls, witches, spiders, and even Spongebob showed up! Seaview is so glad that all of our students were able to celebrate Halloween with our school family, followed by a safe night of trick or treating.

Thanks Mrs. Care! Check us out in a few weeks as we present the Belhaven Spotlight. See all the exciting things that our middle schoolers are doing just up the bike path at Belhaven. And as always, join us throughout the year and get to know more about our schools and the work that our students and staff are committed to each day. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @linwoodschools. #FinsUpWingsUp

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