Freedom. A feeling like no other, a feeling of being yourself.

No one can put words in your mouth.

Everyone one is the same. yet everyone is different.

No one can treat you differently because of your race, gender, economic status, beliefs, and more.

No one can put you down, only you can put yourself down.

Freedom is being treated with love and having your own space to roam and explore the world.

You are driving the wheel of your own life.

Take it wherever, your happy place or your dark space.

Live life with the feeling of bliss and freedom.

Make choices that feel good to you, no one can make you do anything.

Whether the choices you make are good or bad, they’re yours.

People in the past thought they can have someone or buy someone.

People were in a dark place and didn’t take other perspectives into their minds.

Now in 2019 people have taken a deeper look in their hearts and minds.

Of course it could be better. There are still some people who need a closer look at how their actions affect others.

At least we can say it has gotten better. That is a big plus for our world.

Let’s all be thankful to Martin Luther King. He made big changes in our world, helping freedom rights become more of an important part in everyone’s life.

Look around you right now and think to yourself, “Do I have freedom? Am I free?”

Everyone is free but not everyone is free enough.

That’s our mission — to give others freedom. The saying is, “If you give, you receive.”

Freedom isn’t just being able to run or walk or have all the space you need.

It’s a feeling, a feeling of letting go. Taking charge. Starting fresh.

People have, and can push you lower. Your job isn’t to push and go higher. If you are kind, loyal, caring, unique. You will just eventually be higher.

You will spread your wings and take flight. Like Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.”

Everyone is full of freedom, but we all can take a little more.

Freedom should be so important to you. Something you think about for yourself and others.

So look deeper inside, take freedom and give freedom. Freedom is being you, taking charge, being yourself, being kind, and not letting anyone pull you down.

That's what freedom is.

— Ava Rivera, age 11, Ventnor

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