Independence means a lot. Independence means freedom, family, and war. Freedom is a big thing because soldiers fought for freedom of America.

First, independence means freedom. Freedom means we can say whatever we want, do whatever we want, and no one controls who we want to be. I have freedom when I do mostly anything.

Second, independence means family. Every year on Independence Day, my family and I have a barbecue where we scream, laugh, and be the crazy family we are. We talk about freedom and the blessings we have to live in America.

Finally, independence means war. I study about the Revolutionary War that made Independence Day. I know that soldiers fought against Great Britain to give us freedom. They risked their lives for us!

Americans have a lot more than other countries. Independence is a very fortunate thing to have. We are very lucky to be who we are.

— Kendall J. Barnes, age 9, Ocean City

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