"What Freedom Means to Me"

The reason I care about freedom is we are very safe in our country. Sometimes people think that laws take away freedoms, but I believe that they give us our freedom. We can do what we want, but if we do something illegal or act out, we can get in trouble. Therefore, any dangerous person will not be able to wander freely. So, having laws that say what not to do protects us from harm. Those laws allow us to freely enjoy our lives.

Another thing about our laws is they are not so strict that we can’t do anything. We can still do so much in America with our freedoms. For example, we have freedom of speech which allows us to be able to speak freely even if it is against our government, not for it. Another one is freedom of religion and that is being able to practice whatever religion we choose without being questioned or punished. That is why I care for having laws and all the freedoms of our country.

— Kyler Bender, age 10, Somers Point

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