The South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association has announced two annual scholarship recipients for 2020.

COVID-19 restrictions kept the group from doing the presentations in person, but it wanted to share the thank you notes and biographies of the students.

The 2020 Alliance Award of $2,000 was awarded to Benjamin Taylor of Rowan University College of Engineering. 

Taylor’s thank you note and bio:

“Thank you everyone for the kind words and for the nomination for this award! Rowan has given me the tools and resources to expand my knowledge, increase my curiosity, enhance my leadership skills, and has overall enabled me to leverage a great professional opportunity post-graduation. I can’t thank Rowan and the Mechanical Engineering Department enough for what they have done for me the past few years. I am honored to accept this award. It's a shame this semester ended this way, I'd love to thank you and everyone in person.” — Stay safe and take care, Benjamin Taylor

Taylor attended Rowan College at Burlington County in 2015, looking to pursue engineering. During these two years he worked full time, was involved in the business club and graduated in 2017 with a 3.77 GPA. Taylor transferred to Rowan University and was part of the mechanical engineering program.

He resided and worked full time on campus. He became a resident assistant his first year, where he was a mentor and resource for 45 other transfer students and helped them acclimate to Rowan's campus. The last two years, he became an assistant resident director and led a staff of resident assistants.

Taylor was also a part of the College for Cancer club, outdoors club, and Leadership Rowan. He was a part of several successful engineering projects, including this year's clinic project, which won the award for the best Mechanical Engineering Research Clinic of the year.

Taylor completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in systems engineering, graduating with a 3.75 GPA. During his last semester, he received a full-time position at Keystone Industries in Gibbstown, where he will become a 3D printing and product development engineer. In this position, Taylor will have the opportunity to assist in the design, development and testing of innovative 3-D printing resins and other pharmaceutical products.

The 2020 William B. Davidson Scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to Julianna DiVentura of Mainland Regional High School. 

DiVentura sent the thank you below:

“It is an honor to be awarded the William Davidson Memorial Scholarship by the South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association. My name is Julianna DiVentura, I am a senior at Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, New Jersey. I will be continuing my education at Rowan University where I will major in Mechanical Engineering and I hope to become certified in Aerospace Engineering as well. Service and giving back to my community has always been a big part of my life, just like Mr. Davidson exemplified his whole life.

I was an altar server at Our Lady of Sorrows Church for ten years and recently I became a Eucharistic Minister. In the summer of 2018, I traveled to Costa Rica to complete a two week service project with students from my school. During this trip I learned so much about myself and the true beauty of the Spanish culture. Being able to give back to my community and other communities has been such a wonderful experience. I am honored to represent the William Davidson Memorial Scholarship of 2020 and I hope to be an inspiration for females interested in a male-dominated career such as engineering. Thank you so much!! Julianna.”

In the words of her school counselor, “Julianna challenged herself with many honors and advanced placement courses. She sought knowledge in areas that piqued her interest rather than simply to enhance her transcript. ... She is an excellent student who knows how to prioritize and succeed. ... Engineering is her goal, and she possesses the self-discipline, resourcefulness, and drive to accomplish that goal.”

The association congratulated the students and wished for their continued success.

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