The Somers Point School District celebrated Veteran’s Day by participating with our local veterans on Monday, Nov. 11. The Jordan Road Middle School honored our veterans with the seventh-grade students participating in the celebration at Veterans Park. Jaxson Carmichael and Nick Shaw read their essays on what Veteran’s Day means to them while their classmates watched.

As the students read their essays, the students from the New York Avenue Pre-School Center and various students from Dawes Avenue Elementary participated in the ceremony. They helped celebrate and showed their love and appreciation for those who have served our country.

In addition to their participation in the Veterans Day Ceremony, the students at Dawes Avenue Elementary also made cards and wrote letters to send to the troops. This project was to let them know their service is appreciated by the students and families they keep safe.


On Wednesday, Nov. 6, the Jordan Road Middle School was honored and proud to welcome our former student, Alex Corson. He came back to Jordan Road to speak to the current eighth-grade class. As stated on the website, “Blue Wonderland is a community/movement created by Alex Corson in 2018 to promote the positive effects surfing has on everyone. It was also created to call on people to do positive things in their communities, in and out of the water. The Blue Wonderland community consists of everyday people including surfers, skateboarders, artists and stoke purveyors.” Alex is a great example of strength and success, mixed with caring and kindness. The students and staffulty were filled with #jagpride having him back at Jordan Road for the day and knowing that he will also be an honored alumnus by the Somers Point Foundation for Education this year.


On Oct. 30, The Spot opened at the Jordan Road Middle School. The Spot is a student-run school store where a variety of students work to ensure that their classmates have the opportunity to get snacks, earbuds, notebooks, drinks etc. The teachers who help run The Spot are very excited to expand the Super Pop program and give their students more opportunities for vocational growth within the school day. The teachers observed a variety of high school life skills programs within Atlantic County and modeled this program off the best practices they felt would apply within the space they had available in Jordan Road Middle School.


Last spring, the ShopRite of Somers Point committed a donation of $25,000 to the Somers Point School District, which was acquired from their bag fees. This money was allocated to installing hydration stations for all three of our district schools. Jordan Road, Dawes Avenue and New York Avenue would like to give a big shout out and thank you to ShopRite! Their donation allows all three schools to not only have fresh and filtered water but it also helps reduce our plastic consumption and the community carbon footprint!

We are so grateful to all of our community partners and alumni for continuing to support school initiatives and programs! #SPStrong

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