While the idea of Avengers, Wonder Women and X-Men are part of our culture, some pretty incredible and dependable “Supers” are part of our community. At the end of the last school year, as part of a “Connecting the Community” concept, I approached the superintendents of Mainland Regional, Somers Point, Northfield and Linwood schools about being a part of something we were calling “Current Ed”. The idea was pretty simple: Each week in a month a different superintendent within the Mainland community would write about his or her school district and we would publish it in The Current. Topics could vary, but the hope was they would include things that we, as a community, needed to know or be aware of, including many of the exciting things the schools, educators and students were doing. Sharing the information we may not be aware of was an important part of the plan.

The willingness of Mark Marrone of Mainland, Michelle Carney Ray-Yoder of Somers Point, Brian Pruitt of Linwood and Pete Bretones of Northfield to say yes to contribute was encouraging. The immediate reaction of the readership was so positive and welcome. Over the last few months of the school year each “Super” met the deadlines to ensure his or her submission was printed and read by the community. I am happy to call this team of writers “super” dependable.

We all live in an ever-growing digital world that connects us in different ways every day. I have heard from many of you about how important and appreciative you are in being able to hear from the people who are leading the people who are leading our youth into the future. The ability to read and reflect on the good works of the staff and students will hopefully help provide a better understanding and full picture of how the funds dedicated to our community’s education are being utilized. It is my hope that after reading Current Ed you are more educated on the state, status and success that is occurring in our schools.

With the new school year upon us, we have restated Current Ed. We began this past week with Mainland’s Current Ed contribution. You can read a trio of Current Eds with Somers Point, Linwood and Northfield published this week. Thanks to each of the Super Superintendents for their dedication, timeliness and willingness to contribute to Current Ed and help us connect our community.

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