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Since Listen Up launched early in 2019, the idea behind it and what it has grown into has hopefully introduced many of you to new music artists, genres, live music events and more. Originally the planned focus was to let you know about artists and bands that you may not be familiar with. The tagline of “Artists You Should Be Listening To and Why” summed up the original idea behind Listen Up. However the extension of that concept has led me to talking about local and national music events, interviews with artists and sharing ideas about music in specific and general ways.

I have even invited readers and fellow music fans to write and submit guest columns for potential publication. If you have something musical or music-related to share, let me know about it. The word “share” has always been a big part of my world of music. Growing up, my family and friends would always be sharing their thoughts on music with me and also allowed me to listen to so much of the music they liked and listened to. One of my resolutions for Listen Up in 2020 is to discover and listen to even more new music and even share more new music with my friends, fans and followers.

Thanks to the interaction between Listen Up and those that regularly read the column, I have been turned on to so many local, regional and national music events. The amount of people working to produce solid music events throughout or region is growing. We are experiencing a type of live music event renaissance. Not too long ago you would be hard pressed to find live music being played regularly. Now we have choices of musical genres, small and large venues, local and national artists available within a half hour drive for most of the Listen Up readership. Attending more live events is another Listen Up resolution for 2020.

Speaking of small and large music venues, if you have a favorite place you like to hear live music please let me know about it. Many of my favorite places to enjoy live music have been the result of listening to people that I trust talk about places and spaces that they like to hear live music. This also goes for all of the bars, restaurant and event spaces programming music. Let me know what you are doing musically in 2020 and let’s give people the opportunity to Listen Up to what you are offering in 2020.

If the past year is any indication of what we are in store for musically in 2020, we are in for a great year of music. Into the new year and over the coming months, Listen Up will be covering all of the above and more. Be on the lookout for some fresh new ways that we can connect around our mutual enjoyment and love of music. So please stay tuned and keep reading. The best way to Listen Up, enjoy and share our thoughts, ideas and passion for music is simple — stay connected.

Thank you all for reading, supporting, contributing and allowing me the opportunity to write about, share and continue to enjoy something as wonderfully amazing as music in all of its genres and forms. None of this would be possible without each of you reading and positively responding in person, over the phone, e-mails and text. I am grateful for each and every fellow music fan I meet and get to know. Here’s to a happy, healthy and musically infused 2020!

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