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With so much uncertainty surrounding many business operations in our community, one thing is certain. The summer season is officially here. As visitors and year-round residents get ready to swim the ocean and pools, businesses are swimming in uncharted waters as we enter the next phases of reopening.

Sharing thoughts and tips may prove helpful in having a solid summer in business even with all the knowns, unknowns and unique operating conditions in place. It is clear that this summer season will be different and accepting that fact is a good thing (see "Expectations" below). Let’s break down some Current BEATS with a list of things for businesses to consider this season. 

• B is also for Budget: A budget for your business is one of the things you can control, at least for many of your expenses. This holds true for this summer season more than ever. Unfortunately, control over what you spend can be affected by increases in operational costs due to the need to change your business model based on new rules and guidelines. The increase of costs passed onto you from suppliers is also out of your control. This means the process of budgeting and measuring everything that counts is more critical than ever. Revisit your budget early and often, making adjustments as needed. This way, even if things totally go astray, you can still track as well as compare the numbers and needs of the business to what you budgeted.

 E is for Expectations: Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to survive our current situation. While whether a business survives will be clear, how we view the varying levels of success is in the eyes of each business owner. As we take a look at what success means, being extremely realistic in what you expect to do this summer is important. You can also look at very best case, best case and worst case scenarios to find a realistic setting for your seasonal business sales and results this summer.

 A is for Attitude Adjustment: As a seasonal business owner, it may be a good idea to be mentally prepared for the new challenges that you may encounter and how they may affect your business. You know things are not always positive. However, we can find positive elements and potential opportunities in many customer encounters. Focusing on customer-centric sales, service and smiles (even through a mask) is a perfect way to help adjust attitudes on both sides of the transaction.

 T is for Time: Time is on everyone’s mind these days. Every day businesses remain closed or uncertain of when and how they can open is critical. Time always plays a big role in having a successful season. Even during the healthiest of summer seasons, the best way to make the most of the time we have is to work both efficiently and effectively. Following the guidelines, protocols and rules and making sure everyone on your team is aware of the new rules of business will help everyone get the most out of our valuable and limited time this summer.

 S is for Strategy: Creating and using a new strategy for this summer can be done by combining what we know, mitigating the impact of what we may not know at this point along with best practices, present business climate and some projecting. The resulting strategy and plans can help create executable actions plans designed for this summer season.

So there you have it. A few tips and techniques to hopefully help you and your business have as successful a business as possible this summer season.

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