The Artists Guild of the Cape will host its second annual Studio Tour during Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 12 to 14.

On each day, there will be at least 22 studios open for free admission to visiting art patrons and curious visitors. Artists will be doing their work and showing their wares in home and studio settings. A map/list is provided via the guild website, public Facebook page and at each studio. There is on the same sheet a Saturday grouping and a Sunday grouping, with many appearing on both.

This is a chance for the general public to engage the arts community and artists face to face in their home and studio settings, while touring parts of Cape May County that are unheralded.

If attendees get 13 “Signatures of Visits,” they will be told of a special event they may attend at a secret location on Sunday after 5 p.m.

For more information, call 609-827-6423.

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