WOODBINE — American Aerospace Technologies Inc. and Sky Scape Industries LLC today announced Sky Scape’s new headquarters at the Woodbine Municipal Airport.

The Woodbine airport is a nontowered airport supporting the general aviation community. SSI will operate out of the newly acquired hangar providing small unmanned aircraft system  services, product sales, SUAS advisory services for enterprise customers, and inspection services for the electric utility, water utility, telecom and energy sectors. The facility will also be used as the East Coast base for the development, test and operation of long-endurance UAS in the National Airspace System.

UAS refers to what is generally called a drone along with the technology used to control it. 

SSI President Nathan Ernst said, “The opportunity to call Woodbine Airport home is perfectly aligned with SSI’s current operation. Now we can not only stage UAS flight operations here, we also have a top-notch facility to conduct research and development, testing and flight training.” Ernst, a Cape May County native, also mentioned the unique qualities that the location provides. “Woodbine Airport is attractive from a UAS perspective for many reasons. The airspace environment here is very conducive to safe UAS operations, and that’s important to us.”

The new facility not only serves as SSI’s headquarters, it’s also used by other AATI subsidiaries.

AATI CEO David Yoel said, “AATI has been operating long endurance UAS from Woodbine since 2017 and from other locations in Cape May County since 2015. There is so much potential here. We are proud to finally be a permanent part of the Cape May County community and to continue to support the county’s drone and UAS initiatives. We look forward to expanding use, growing the economy and furthering safe UAS commercial operations in N.J. as well as the United States.”

Cape May County Freeholder Will Morey said, “The county is absolutely delighted that Sky Scape and AATI have finally ‘landed’ permanently here.”

“The companies and their founders have been great friends to the county for many years now,” Morey said. “We look forward to our residents interacting with them — and ultimately, perhaps, even becoming new employees as our economy moves more toward what the companies are helping us to create: well-paying, year-round jobs.”

Woodbine Mayor William Pikolycky said, “I am pleased that as a team member of Cape May County’s Integrated Pilot Project, I was able to participate in this project, which led to AATI and SSI acquiring interest and ultimately locating in Woodbine Municipal Airport. I thank the Cape May County freeholders for taking the lead in this initiative, resulting in Woodbine now playing a major part in this unmanned aircraft system integrative technology.”

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