WOODBINE —  On Friday, Dec. 20, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities announced Woodbine has been awarded 10 megawatts for a solar farm project on its 115-acre landfill on Fiddler Hill Road, Mayor William Pikolycky said.

The application was one of 255 submissions the BPU received as part of the New Jersey Community Solar Energy Pilot Program. The borough submitted the successful application in conjunction with co-developers Nexamp and Infiniti Energy Services. Only three applications in the region were approved, the third being Egg Harbor Township.

In preparing the application, the borough received overwhelming support from federal and state legislators, the Pinelands Commission, Chamber of Commerce, Woodbine’s Green Team, its Land Use Office, the Municipal Alliance, its School District, the Puerto Rican Action Committee and local property owners and property managers.

“This will allow the repurposing an otherwise unusable landfill site and bring renewable energy into the community in a way that will benefit both Woodbine and the community at large while addressing a long term goal of my administration in abating this environmental issue,” Pikolycky said. “This project is a win-win for our community and the environment and will serve as an excellent example as to how the public and private sector working together as partners can produce innovative solutions and extraordinary outcomes.

“I want to thank all those on my team who were involved in bringing this incentive to a successful fruition: Borough Council, Triad Associates, Taylor Wiseman, Taylor Associates, Van Note Harvey, Flaster Greenberg law offices, and borough solicitor Richard Tonetta. The borough has worked for over three decades to find a suitable use for the landfill,” Pikolycky said. “Being able to bring a renewable energy project to the borough as a method to repurpose an otherwise unusable site is something we are very excited about, and is a win-win situation for all. Residents will see a direct benefit through energy savings, the borough will derive an annual income, and our community is able to play a part in making New Jersey a more environmentally sound state.”

This community solar pilot program derived from a mandate in the Clean Energy Act, which was signed into law on May 23, 2018. It is designed to provide the necessary experience for the development and implementation of a full-scale Community Solar Energy Program. According to BPU officials, the program allows New Jersey electric utility customers to participate in a solar energy project, receive a credit on their energy bills and enable access to clean energy generation. Once completed, this project will enable residents and businesses to subscribe at no cost to a share of a local solar farm rather than installing solar panels on their own home or place of businesses. Because many people may not have a roof suitable for solar panels, may rent their home or apartment, or may not have the resources to purchase solar panels, community solar makes clean energy accessible to anyone. By enrolling in a solar farm, consumers are able to reduce their regular electric bill and support renewable energy at the same time.

As part of the pilot program, 77 megawatts of capacity were awarded statewide during PY1. Of this total, 11.98 megawatts were allocated to the Atlantic City Electric territory. A total of 56 applications from the ACE territory were considered. The Woodbine project accounts for almost 10 megawatts of the total 11.98 megawatts awarded. Projects in Jersey Central Power & Light territory were awarded 21 megawatts, and an additional 44 megawatts were awarded in the Public Service Electric & Gas Territory.

“We were excited to participate in New Jersey’s pilot program application process,” said Michael Kushner, president of Infiniti Energy Services. “The borough was immediately receptive to the idea of utilizing their landfill for renewables. Working in partnership with Nexamp and the borough, we quickly realized that this project spoke to the heart and intent of the program. We are pleased that the BPU recognized the importance of this project, not only for the borough, but as an example of how this program can benefit residents in southern New Jersey, and beyond.”

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