WOODBINE — Mayor William Pikolycky is pleased to announce that the Borough of Woodbine has made application to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for a Community Solar Project that will bring a new revenue source to the Borough and an opportunity for area residents and businesses to save money on their monthly electric bills, while adding a clean, renewable energy source to the local grid.

“Success in this application would result in the being able to offer a community solar program that enables residents to subscribe at no cost to a share of a local solar farm, rather than installing solar panels on their own home,” stated Mayor Pikolycky. “Because many people may not have a roof suitable for solar panels, may rent their home or apartment, or may not have the resources to purchase solar panels, community solar makes clean energy accessible. By enrolling in the community solar program, consumers will be able to reduce their regular electric bill and support renewable energy at the same time.”

This proposed solar project consists of the installation of ground-mounted solar panels on a former municipal landfill as part of the approved landfill closure plan. This project, if awarded, should provide the Borough with a source of sufficient funds to develop and implement the costly capping of the landfill, turn an otherwise unproductive liability into an asset that would be the basis of a sustainable/renewable energy resource, and provide long-term revenue to the Borough.

“The idea of re-purposing an otherwise unusable former landfill site and bringing renewable energy into the community in a way that will benefit both Woodbine and the community at large, is very exciting and addresses a long-term goal of my administration of abating this environmental issue,” Mayor Pikolycky said.

In preparing this application, the Borough received overwhelming support from federal and state Legislators, the Pinelands Commission, Chamber of Commerce, Woodbine’s Green Team, its Land Use Office, the Municipal Alliance, its School District, the Puerto Rican Action Committee, and local property owners and property managers.

“This project will be a win-win for our community and the environment and will serve as an excellent example as to how the public and private sector, working together as partners, can produce innovative solutions and extraordinary outcomes,” Mayor Pikolycky concluded.

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