Families and friends of those trapped in addiction, as well as church volunteers and group facilitators, may benefit from attending the Love Them to Life — Set Free Addiction seminar Saturday, Oct. 19 at Coastal Christian Ocean City.

Taking place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., the seminar will dispel some of the confusion and misunderstanding associated with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Attendees will learn about the anatomy of addiction and its effect on family and friends. Common remedies offered for addiction will be addressed, but only to show that each of them falls short of the church's only real remedy — Jesus Christ.

Sessions include anatomy of addiction, effects of addiction and remedies for addiction. The conference is hosted by biblical counselors Joe and Cherri Freeman, who both have extensive experience handling the topic of addiction.

The seminar is free to attend. To register, see ccoceancity.com/events.

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