OCEAN CITY — Police and the HERO Campaign on Wednesday unveiled a police cruiser bearing the message: “Be the Life of the Party. Be a HERO.”

The patrol car is expected to be the first of many “rolling billboards” to promote drunk-driving awareness, said Bill Elliott, co-founder of the John R. Elliot HERO campaign.

The car was remade using a shrink wrap that carries a message that promotes designated driving, and is “an expression of what we try to accomplish in our son’s memory,” Bill Elliott said.

In July, 2000, John Elliott, a U.S. Navy ensign, was on his way home to celebrate his mother’s birthday when he was struck and killed by a drunken driver.

Bill and Muriel Elliott formed the HERO Campaign in response to their son’s death. The program emphasizes the “importance of having safe and sober designated drivers.”

The revamped patrol car will be a “rolling reminder” of that message. When not in use, the cruiser will be shown at community events and local schools, among other places.

“We thought this would be a great way to support the HERO Campaign and its life-saving message,” said police Chief Jay Prettyman in a statement. “It’s also a meaningful way to promote the longstanding relationship between the resort and the HERO Campaign as together we seek to keep America’s Greatest Family Resort a safe community for everyone.”

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