OCEAN CITY — MY Derby at Staintons, A Gallery Of Shops, hosted a therapy mini horse Saturday, Dec. 21.

Springsteen, who belongs to Lee Giroux and her Horse Therapy Centers of New Jersey, is 1½ years old and was dressed for the holidays!

Springsteen is the kindest most adorable little fella. He was well received by children and adults.

Springsteen’s mission is to bring awareness to children and adults with disabilities including autism, PTSD and chronic illnesses.

Literally hundreds of people came face to face to meet and greet this beloved animal.

His kindness and friendliness lifted the spirts of all those who were in line at Staintons today purchasing their holiday gifts.

Many were questioning what he was.

Springsteen is a mini-horse and not a pony.

He is just 1½ years old and 26 inches tall, which is the largest he is going to get.

When he gets to the age of two, he will be a certified therapy animal and start his campaign visiting children in hospitals up and down the coast.

He has been officially named the mascot of Heart Of Surfing, a nonprofit organization based in Ocean City that teaches children with autism and other disabilities how to surf as well as other activities.

He is rapidly becoming an ambassador to the city and other communities as well!

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