On Friday, May 15, the United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary will kick off National Safe Boating Week. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has approved a URL for each of the days between Friday, May 15 and Monday, May 25. Below, each of the topics are listed with the appropriate date.

Friday, May 15

Wear Your Life Jacket To Work Day

Saturday, May 16

Vessel safety check program from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Sunday, May 17

“About Boating Safely” classes.

Monday, May 18


Tuesday, May 19

Navigation rules are the “rules of the road” for all those on the water.

Wednesday, May 20


Thursday, May 21

Being prepared for all weather conditions is of vital importance.

Friday, May 22

Boating under the influence (BUI)

Saturday, May 23

One of our cornerstone missions is marine and environmental safety.

Sunday, May 24

Float plans can be a map for the @USCG in an emergency situation.

Monday, May 25

Today we would like to share information about our organization, @USCGA

For more more information, go to USCGAux-OCNJ.org.

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