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Winners of Ocean City Twins contest.

Ocean City held its annual Twins Contest on July 31 in front of the Music Pier on the Boardwalk. The event award prizes to those who look the most and least alike.

• Adults most alike: Nancy Logan and Jean Conover, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

• Adults least alike: Mildred Henderson and Lucille Roberts, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Merchantville.

• Teens most alike: Brenden and Ava Courtney, Garnett Valley, Pennsylvania.

• 9-to-12 most alike: Nicholas and Tristan Sousa, Newtown Pennsylvania.

• 9-to-12 least alike: Gianna and Chase Celenza, Galloway Township

• 6-to-8 most alike: Addy and Izzie Pratt, Abington, Pennsylvania.

• 6-to-8 least alike: Avery and Jackson Sulliivan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

• 5-and-under most alike: Jane and Maeve Wilson, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

• 5-and-Under least alike: Ethan and Dylan Rothman, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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