I never thought I’d be interested in politics let alone run for office. Growing up as one of five kids with a stay-at-home mom, I only focused on getting a job and supporting myself.

But everything changes when you have a child. The birth of my daughter Ellie led me to focus on my time at home, where I began to pay closer attention to local issues. I grew frustrated with partisan fighting and policies that were hurting our families. I wanted better for my daughter, my neighbors, friends and community.

So I turned my frustration into action. I threw my hat into the ring to run with 13 others for one of three seats on my home town’s commission to make a difference. I was honored to have been elected and to have had the opportunity to serve the families in Margate.

When many residents shared their concern about property taxes, I launched into the position head first and worked full-time delving into all the issues and business practices of the city. And the hard work paid off with meaningful change and I’m proud to say that there were no municipal tax increases during my term in office.

We need strong leadership at the state level, leaders who will work hard and fight to make Atlantic County more affordable. As many of us know too well, New Jersey has the highest cost of living in the nation. Our property taxes need to come down and county foreclosure rates and unemployment rates need to come down as well.

I want a better and brighter future for my daughter and all of our children. I want them to be able to afford to live in their home state and raise their own families here. It greatly concerns me that they won’t be able to afford the high cost of living here and that they’ll be attracted to other nearby states offering more job opportunities and a lower cost of living.

Action needs to be taken now to help facilitate investment, growth and jobs in Atlantic County. It’s important that fantasy betting and sports betting both come into fruition to bolster our casino industry. And at the same time, we need to work to diversify our economy so we are not so dependent on just one industry.

The new developments in Atlantic City, including the Stockton University satellite campus and the South Jersey Gas headquarters, are steps in the right direction. Another good step is the Stockton Aviation Research and Technology Park. It’s especially good because the aerospace and aviation industry drives $1.5 trillion in economic activity nationwide, offering highly paid jobs. I know we can build this industry, grow jobs and investment and provide our families with a better future.

Our cost of living will not be fixed overnight, but with a thoughtful plan to diversify and grow our economy, we can take control of our county’s fate so our children and their children can afford to live here.

I’ve always held the belief that we each have a unique purpose, and it is our duty to give back to our community. I decided to run for Assembly to be an honest voice to represent our families. I’ve given back to my local community and now I’m ready to give back to all of Atlantic County.

It was once said, “A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman of the next generation.” I promise to be known for the latter and to always fight for our Atlantic County families.

At a time where partisan fighting and outside special interest money leads to state government shutdowns, we need trusted leadership that will fight for our families and retirees. That is why I am proud to be on the Chris Brown Team. Chris Brown, Vince Sera and I are committed to working for you — not political bosses.

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