Mt. Zion Baptist Church, located on New Road in Pleasantville, held a solar signing Wednesday, May 29.

The photo voltaic system installed is 120 kw, 306 PV panels, generating 162,300 kwh of annual solar energy production.

Greenlife Energy Solutions funded the project, entering into a Power Purchase Agreement with Mt. Zion Baptist Church. The P.P.A. states that Greenlife owns, maintains, and operates the system. Mt. Zion then purchases the electricity the system produces at a reduced rate. No payments whatsoever from Mt. Zion, except for the monthly utility bill they pay Greenlife.

Power purchase agreements are ideal for non-profits or places with minimal income, as they allow the customer to get a reduced electric price without putting out the exorbitant cost to fund a solar project. This allows Mt. Zion to greatly reduce the money they are spending on electric utility as well as allowing the church to now be a renewable energy user, furthering New Jersey renewable and sustainable endeavors.

Greenlife is also working with the church to improve the church's other issues, such as lighting and insulation, as well as moisture issues with gutters and drainage. Greenlife has worked with Mt. Zion previously and was recognized by the church for their role in helping the community. 

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