High School Summer Basketball League Results - July 9

Game 1= Moose Lodge 585- 51 Shoobie’s “Good Eats”- 29

Jermaine McNeill led the way with 15 points and Jaden Kelly also poured in 10 points in the win for Moose Lodge 585. Brandon Ratcliffe netted 13 points and Devon Roach added 8 points for Moose Lodge in the loss.

Game 2= Bobs Auto Body- 62 KO Sports- 38

Tommy Bolle had 26 points and Joel Robinson added 13 points in the win for Bob’s Auto Body. Karl Brown netted 13 points for KO Sports and Domenic DeMarco put in 8 points in the loss.

Team Wins-Losses

Bob’s Auto Body 2-0

KO Sports 1-1

Moose Lodge 585 1-1

Shoobie’s 0-2

6th-8th Grade Summer Basketball Results - July 8

Game 1

North Wildwood Education Assoc.: 42 Hassles Ice Cream: 37

Chase Witmayer poured in 17 points and Jamir McNeal added 14 points for the win. Drew Pullano posted 13 points followed by Sienna Mount and Briella Romeo each with 5 points.

Game 2

Flynn Realty: 28 Don Martin Realty: 19

Luke Rachubinski dropped in 11 points followed by Ryan McGrath and Robert Andrews with 5 points each for the win. Matt Melinson and Joey Scarapello each netted 9 points for the loss.

Game 3

Maui’s Dog house: 34 Randazzo Surf: 33

Macie McCracken poured in 19 points and Ella McCabe chipped in 5 points for Maui’s Dog House. Yu-Jin Billiris netted 7 points followed by Matthew McNesby and Brigid Scanlon each with 6 points for the loss.

Game 4

North Wildwood Police: 33 Ed’s Funcade: 25

Nola Quinn posted 13 points and Patrick McGuinn added 12 points to lead NWP to victory. Tyler Rodowicz scored a team high 8 points followed by Joey Eisenhardt and Carter Short with 6 points each.

Game 5

Think Pink for Pat: 28 Alumni Grill: 27

Scott Myers scored a game high 9 points and Nathan Dwornik added 8 points for the win. James Donohue dropped in 8 points and Sean Gallagher chipped in 7 points for Alumni Grill.

Team Wins-Losses

North Wildwood Education Assoc. 3-0

North Wildwood Police 3-0

Ed’s Funcade 2-1

Think Pink for Pat 2-1

Maui’s Dog House 2-1

Flynn Realty 2-1

Don Martin Realty 1-2

Alumni Grill 0-3

Randazzo Surf 0-3

Hassles Ice Cream 0-3

3rd-5th Grade Summer Basketball Results - July 8

Game 1

Lizzy’s Ice Cream: 10 Rick’s Seafood: 9

Kellan Rodowicz scored a team high 4 points followed by Aly Eisenhardt, Sean Eisenhardt, and Riley Webber each with 2 points in the win. Jack Fullerton netted 4 points followed by Karter Lambert and Maddie Smith each with 2 points for Rick’s Seafood.

Game 2

Dairy Queen: 24 Optimist Club: 14

Abigail McFillin scored a game high 6 points and Cameron McGovern added 3 points for Dairy Queen. Maxwell Urban dropped in 5 points and Rebecca Benichou chipped in 4 points in the loss.

Game 3

Keenan’s: 17 Capture Photography: 15

Cole Zalewski, Owen Haughey, and Caden Briggs led Keenan’s with 4 points each for the win. Devon Mount posted 8 points and Gavin Thibodeau added 4 points in the loss.

Game 4

Wharf: 24 Ed’s Funcade: 20

Jack McMullin poured in 18 points followed by Kevin Sullivan and Bobby Meehan each with 3 points for the win in overtime. Vinnie Sweeney dropped in 11 points and Michael Wise chipped in 6 points for Ed’s Funcade.

Team Wins-Losses

Dairy Queen 3-0

Capture Photography 2-1

Lizzy’s Ice Cream 2-1

Keenan’s 2-1

Optimist Club 1-2

Ed’s Funcade 1-2

Wharf 1-2

Rick’s Seafood 0-3

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