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GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — A fourth civil lawsuit was filed by a former student Friday against Stockton University and the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity alleging sexual assault and discrimination.

In addition to the college and fraternity, the apparent victim in this case is suing an unnamed member of the fraternity, Stockton University Emergency Medical Services and William Murphy, a Stockton EMS sergeant and student from Williamstown.

Murphy could not be reached for comment Saturday.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Camden on Friday by Toms River attorney Robert Fuggi Jr., claims the plaintiff dropped out of Stockton in December 2017 after the first semester of her freshman year due to being sexually assaulted multiple times after she was served a cocktail with a date-rape drug during an off-campus party.

Fuggi also represents three other women in civil cases filed this month against Stockton and Pi Kappa Phi, which is not an authorized Greek organization at the university. The suits are all related to date-rape drugs. The fraternity maintains a house off campus on the White Horse Pike, according to the lawsuit.

Fuggi said underage drinking and sexual assault are “rampant” at the university, which has “failed to recognize these women that have been sexually abused.”

He said the university’s July 23 statement, which detailed the requirement for incoming students to attend programs that address sexual assault and violence prevention and to report any threatening incident to authorities “insufficient” and “disappointing.”

“These girls were sexually assaulted, raped and physically abused,” he said. “The university should be more concerned with the education of the students, the welfare of the students and the safety of the students.”

Stockton spokeswoman Diane D’Amico said Murphy is no longer part of the EMS squad at the university.

“We are deeply concerned about the victims of alleged sexual assaults, and we will continue to coordinate with law enforcement to pursue justice on behalf of our students,” reads a statement from the university, provided by D’Amico.

“We advise our students to immediately report any incident or concerning situation to authorities. Campus authorities immediately initiate all protocols relating to any incident, and document all such actions. Again, Stockton University is fully cooperating with all authorities and continues to focus on ensuring that the Stockton campus is safe for the entire Stockton University community. We will update the community as advised by the Attorney General’s Office,” the statement said.

The parties named in the lawsuit have not been served yet.

In addition to the assault, the lawsuit alleges Stockton created a “hostile educational environment” and violated the Title IX federal law against discrimination in all federally funded places including educational settings. It also alleges Stockton did not do enough to protect its students from Pi Kappa Phi and the student named.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was raped three times over the course of one week by two different people, one of them a member of Pi Kappa Phi and the other Murphy. The suit claims the plaintiff drank two beers at a Pi Kappa Phi party before becoming incapacitated and blacking out, waking up to being raped by a redheaded man in a bedroom of the house where the party was taking place before blacking out again. She believes she was drugged.

The second rape allegedly happened that same night by Murphy, whom the plaintiff sought out after she was kicked out of her dorm room by her roommates, Fuggi wrote in the complaint.

The plaintiff apparently reported the rape at the fraternity to her resident adviser, who reported it to the Resident Life Office at the university. The plaintiff declined to press criminal charges but did agree to go to Shore Medical Center to have a rape kit performed, which ultimately tested positive for sexual assault, Fuggi wrote in the complaint.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff agreed to meet again with Murphy a few days later to discuss the incident in his dorm, the details of which she was unsure of at the time, and the two drank Captain Morgans together. The plaintiff became intoxicated and blacked out again, and says she was raped again.

She said her roommates saw dark-colored bruises over her neck and chest the following day.

The plaintiff said she went to the hospital again, but discharged herself before getting a second rape kit done. Two months after, the plaintiff attempted to overdose on medication, Fuggi wrote in the complaint, and ultimately left Stockton in December 2017 due to trauma.

This is the fourth civil lawsuit brought against the university this month.

In the first and second, filed July 6 and 13, both the university and Zachary Madle, a 2015 graduate and a member of Pi Kappa Phi at the time of the alleged incidents, are named as defendants. The plaintiffs, identified in the complaints as M.R. and K.S., claim Madle used a date-rape drug before sexually assaulting them and the university was aware of underage drinking and has known about past incidents of sexual assault at the fraternity.

In the third lawsuit, filed July 20, the plaintiff, identified as D.N., alleges the defendant, student Dan Novak, had provided alcohol and used a date rape drug that was put in D.N.’s drink without her knowledge at an off-campus Pi Kappa Phi fraternity party in 2014 and that the university knows or should know that Pi Kappa Phi is a dangerous place but does nothing to protect students.

Staff Writer Molly Bilinski contributed to this report.

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