LINWOOD — After a music teacher accused of assaulting a student was found guilty Wednesday, the local school board maintains it no longer wants her teaching.

Kimberley Peschi, 41, of Galloway Township, a music teacher at the Belhaven School in Linwood, was convicted this week of kicking a chair as a sixth-grade student leaned back in it, causing him to fall and hit his head on the cafeteria floor Feb. 9, 2017.

Northfield Municipal Judge Timothy P. Maguire is waiting for briefs from Peschi’s attorney, Robert Agre, and Atlantic County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy before ruling on Levy’s request for Peschi to forfeit her teaching license.

A statement from Linwood Superintendent Brian Pruitt on behalf of the Board of Education reads, “The board believes that such forfeiture is required under the law and appropriate in this situation.”

“The Board’s position is consistent with its previous filing of tenure charges against Ms. Peschi, where the Board sought her dismissal from her position based on this behavior,” the statement reads.

The Linwood Board of Education agreed to file the tenure charges last April. According to the statement, the district will continue to keep the Department of Education informed of these proceedings, and monitor any appeal that may be filed.

“As always, the Board and District administration remain committed to making the health, safety and welfare of our students our top priorities,” the board statement reads.

Agre said Peschi’s future employment in Linwood is independent of the outcome of the case, which she plans to appeal.

“The tenure charges can proceed with or without a finding of guilt in municipal court,” he said, “Nonetheless, if there’s a forfeiture of public office, there’s not a whole lot to discuss.”

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