ATLANTIC CITY — Paint is still going up on the walls, and desks and furniture are being delivered each day as the countdown nears to the opening of Stockton University’s new campus next week.

About two dozen media organizations toured the interiors Tuesday of the Atlantic City campus buildings before classes start.

“This is an extraordinary time for the institution,” university President Harvey Kesselman said, recalling the opening of the first Stockton site at the Mayflower Hotel on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1971. “And we’ve evolved to this extraordinary residence hall, academic building.”

About 90 students have already moved into the new residential building that offers beach views and direct access to the Boardwalk, said Director of Residential Life Steven Radwanski. Every unit includes a kitchen and a bathroom, with stylish furniture in gray and blue.

More than 400 more students will unpack their belongings over the next week into more than 150 residences that mirror small apartments rather than dorms.

Jermaine Harvey, 24, is a resident adviser for the Atlantic City campus and was one of several student ambassadors on campus Tuesday to talk to media about their new home.

“I’m actually very excited to be here, because I’m from Atlantic City. I’m very excited to see what Stockton’s doing in my hometown,” Harvey said with a large grin.

Throughout the tour Tuesday, one of the most notable features of the property were the large windows that give those in the interior a picturesque view of the Atlantic City skyline from almost every direction.