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This week we celebrate a food that while technically not American, somehow feels more American than most things we eat. We’re talking about pizza. Let’s face it, our country has an obsession with it. And though pizza can be topped with any number of enticing items, the classic cheese pizza is a star all by itself. Its beauty is in its simplicity — dough, tomato sauce and cheese baked in an oven to create perfection. And this Wednesday, Sept. 5, is its day to shine, as it is National Cheese Pizza Day!

Now we all know that pretty much every town has at least five pizza joints in it, and if that is your only option by all means hit up your favorite and grab a slice. But if you have a car and a few bucks for gas, we suggest you head down to the Ocean City where Manco & Manco rules the pizza scene on the Boardwalk. One of their buttery crusted plain slices fresh out of the oven will make you want to celebrate this tasty holiday all year long.

Manco & Manco’s flagship store is located at 9th Ave and Boardwalk in Ocean City. Go to for more info.

— Ryan Loughlin

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