business as usual for Kevin Donnelly of the Avalon Beach Patrol as he looks over the water as people swim in the ocean on 19th st in Avalon where yesterday the beach was closed do to medical waste being washed up on the shore. Sunday, August 24, 2008. . ( Press of Atlantic City/Anthony Smedile)

Avalon's slogan is "Cooler by a Mile." It's not just catchy. It's geographically accurate.

The borough of Avalon is situated one mile from the mainland. And since one-third of the borough is blocked off from any kind of development, that means less buildings to get in the way of a nice summer breeze.

Avalon is a destination for families. When the town's many rental properties are occupied during the summer, they're usually playing a temporary home to extended families.

The beach is fairly average compared with other shore resorts. Beach tags are required, and can be bought for the day, the week, or the entire season. Tag checkers station themselves along beach entrances, but they also patrol the beach as well. No dogs are allowed on the beach from March 1 through September 30.

The beach has two areas set aside for surfers at 30th and 12th streets. The public beaches are mostly accessible, but a large chunk stretching from 40th to 60th streets is set aside for birds that migrate through the area.

Beach tags are are required for ages 12 and older and are $28 for the season, $12 weekly and $6 daily. If you buy before Wednesday, tags are $23. Veterans and active military do not require tags.

Parking is free throughout Avalon. A 900-space parking lot is located by the beach and is never filled to capacity.

There is a boardwalk, but it's only half a mile long. Most of the shops and restaurants are located inland. Avalon does not have any amusement parks or piers.

One activity that people may want to try is celebrity spotting. People like Oprah Winfrey and others have been known to vacation in Avalon.

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