Bradley Beach

Bradley Beach's one-mile Boardwalk features a playground, concessions, and a gazebo at Fifth Avenue. The bandstand-style gazebo hosts summer concerts in the evenings featuring artists of various styles, from opera to classic rock.

 The wide, spacious beach is a great for relaxing, sunning, and playing in the sand. And with a playground and miniature golf course right off the Boardwalk, it's a great place for children of all ages. As many other shore destinations, however, it can draw a crowd, especially on weekends and holidays. Arrive early to claim a close parking spot and a spot in the sand.

 The Boardwalk features concession stands for an after-beach snack or meal. Or, if you'd like to venture into town, its main street offers many restaurants and shopping. Don't worry about dragging chairs and umbrellas around - they can be rented from a stand at Brinley Avenue.

 On-street parking is available for free on the west side of Ocean Avenue. On the east side, there are meters that charge $1 per hour.

 Restrooms are available at Newark, LaReine, Third, and Evergreen Avenues. Showers are on the beach near the entrances. Changing rooms are available at Cliff and Third Avenues.

 Daily beach badges cost $8 on weekends and holidays, and $7 during the week. Season badges are priced at $65 for ages 16 and up. Discounted season badges priced at $25 are available for ages 14, 15, and seniors 60 and up. Children ages 13 and under are free.

 For more information, call 732-776-2994 or 732-776-2991.

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