UPPER TOWNSHIP — Koy Connors spends his days in a bathing suit, hat and orange sunglasses with a walkie talkie on his hip.

On this bright, summer Thursday, only the neon yellow-and-white Sea-Doo personal watercraft bop around more on the Beesleys Point beach than Connors.

“Want to get a picture together?” Connors said.

A father and two kids pose with him before Connors pushes their Sea-Doos into deeper water and they take off. Not even three seconds later, he twists to his left and helps an incoming couple off their adventure in Great Egg Harbor Bay.

Connors, 22, is the beach manager for Beesley’s Point Sea-Doo. The University of the Sciences student has worked there for four years, living in Ocean City during the summers with a co-worker.

“Being able to work outside on the water is my favorite part of working with Sea-Doos. Especially here, there’s a lot less boat traffic,” said Connors, who would like to be a doctor.

Connors said as summer revs up and comes to a stop, his job duties change like the waves on the bay.

“At the beginning of the season, we’re working in the back, doing sales. Once we get into June, though, it turns into rental season,” Connors said.

On a recent Thursday, Connors and the other beach managers took care of the more than 60 renters who came by to navigate the water.

“If you’re not on land, giving safety instructions and enhancing their experience, you’re out on the Sea-Doo, in the water, on patrol,” Connors said.

“When teenage guys start screaming, you want to be cautious. We’ll send three patrol boats out on the water,” said fellow beach manager Michael Harrer, 25, who is in his fifth season on the water.

Perhaps another downfall? The flies.

“The worst part of the job are the greenheads,” said Connors as one landed on him. He quickly hit it. “You get pretty good at killing them.”

Visitors wanting to tool around the bay here hop on Sea-Doo GTI-130s. The three-seaters are perfect for family fun.

“You definitely have families come here. We see the same crowd,” Connors said.

Bob Mathais, who was staying in Ocean City for the week and lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, rides yearly.

“Seeing the kids having a good time is my favorite part,” Mathais said.

The space the bay offers is perfect for his two daughters and son.

“It’s a nice spot to run. ... There’s very few boats. ... They only let eight out at a time,” Mathais said.

Of course, with any tourist experience, it all comes down to the hospitality.

“We’ve been switching rides all day, and they (Connors, Harrer and the other beach managers) have been very generous,” said Patrice Stillwell, an Ocean City vacationer from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

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