Local Marine seeks medical supplies to help Afghanis
Lt. Bradley Mohr, of Somers Point, is asking southern New Jersey residents to send basic medical supplies to his U.S. Marine Corps division in Afghanistan, so it can help two local medical centers

Lt. Bradley Mohr, of Somers Point, is a U.S. Marine on the front lines in Afghanistan, where Marines rely on local people to help locate improvised explosive devices (IEDs) before they can kill or maim U.S. troops.

The Marines are making friends with the Afghanis by helping with their medical problems, and they are asking for help in equipping two medical clinics run by Afghan people.

"I know what I am requesting is a lot, but by providing these services to the locals it helps keep Marines safe," Mohr wrote in a recent letter home. "When the locals know we are providing them with a better way of life, they are less inclined to turn to, or help the enemy. This is 'hearts and minds,' and it means fewer IEDs."

"The loss of life is more prevalent from IEDs than from firefights," said his mom, Donna Mohr, who retired in 2006 as Somers Point School District's curriculum supervisor. She is now an adjunct professor at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Galloway Township.

Marines are allowed to treat locals in their facilities, but they are not allowed to supply local clinics with military healt-care items, she said.

Bradley Mohr asks that people send burn dressings, silverdene impregnated water gel (for immediate treatment of a burn), eye drops, Tylenol/acetaminophen, dressing tape, lap sponges, sodium bi-carbonate ear drops, children's ibuprofen, Neoprene-blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and skin cleanser to: Lt Bradley Mohr, 1/8, A Company, Unit 73205, FPO, AE, 09510-3205.

The FPO military address is considered domestic mail, so domestic rates apply, and the military will ship the packages overseas, said Donna Mohr.

"Where he is out there on the front lines, they have to put everything on trucks," said Fred Vineyard, commander of AMVETS Post 911 in Somers Point, which also is helping collect supplies. "We've been using the larger 'if it fits, it ships' (Priority) boxes from the post office."

"Brad wanted to convey that most Afghanis can take care of themselves," Donna Mohr said. "They just need help to become self-sufficient."

She said her son has copied all correspondence to the states to his commanding officer, who supports the effort.

Donors also may send a check payable to the AMVETS Post 911 at P.O. Box 413, Somers Point,N.J. 08244,.

Vineyard said the post will buy supplies and mail them.

E-mail Donna Mohr with any questions at

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