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AC Poverty

How this Atlantic City family survives amid poverty

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ATLANTIC CITY — Nicole Fischer’s hands moved methodically, chopping lettuce and tomatoes as a one-woman assembly line on taco night at her home.

She needs to be fast to make 25 tacos for six children, herself and a family friend.

Her eyes glance to her children playing a serious game of Monopoly on the kitchen table and back to the cutting counter.

Despite living in poverty, she has kept her family together. She has three biological child-ren who live at home and custody of two nephews and a niece because she didn’t want them in foster care.

In a city where nearly half of families with children younger than 18 live in poverty, the cycle it perpetuates can be wrenching. Fischer, 43, believes her actions don’t just help her sister’s children, they serve as an example to her own children on the importance of helping others.