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Executive Chef of The Iron Room Kevin Cronin thinks up the restaurant’s eclectic and out-of-the-box dishes.

It was just announced that the popular Atlantic City restaurant The Iron Room will take up residence across town on Tennessee Avenue, as the latest addition to The Orange Loop. Taking over a space in between Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall and MADE Chocolate, The Iron Room’s new location will offer the restaurant an opportunity to go back to its original roots — as a small restaurant, this time focusing on coffee, wine and a truly unique menu.

“It gives us a chance to do what we did early on at The Iron Room when we didn’t have a bigger dining room to fill,” says owner Mark Callazzo.

While the current Albany Avenue location of the Iron Room features a large menu of easily recognizable items, the Tennessee Avenue version will be more of a foodie’s paradise. It will focus primarily on an eclectic mix of small plates and will allow Chef Kevin Cronin to offer unique and flavorful dishes that might not be as familiar to everyone. The intimate space will likely become a hotspot within the already hot Atlantic City dining scene.

“It’s going to be the hardest place to get into, since it only seats 20,” Callazzo says.

Coffee, breakfast and lunch will also be served, with items such as quiches and paninis sharing menu space with fruits and salads. A tweaked version of the popular Iron Room Sunday brunch will be offered at Rhythm and Spirits, another new nightlife concept also located between the Beer Hall and MADE. And though the Iron Room is also well-known for its cocktail program, this new incarnation of the restaurant will primarily focus on having one of the best wine lists in town. Cocktails will be the focus at Rhythm & Spirits.

As of press time, the opening date for both the Tennessee Avenue location of the Iron Room and Rhythm and Spirits is Monday, July 1. The Iron Room’s Albany Avenue location will remain open and unchanged until Labor Day of this year. For more info, go to

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